For many years we have been specializing in coating the details for railway industry. We paint details as well as the carriages, locomotives, underground and trams.

The equipment, experienced workforce, system solutions implementation and the quality control enable us to prepare and paint different types of the parts and components of the railway industry.

These can be:

  • Exterior doors of the carriages, locomotives, underground, trams, etc. (painting in multi coat systems with the option to share the colors, add additional lettering and pictogram information)
  • Exterior large scale details (such as locomotives roofs, segments, panels, exterior modules, etc.)
  • Interior decorative parts ( wall panels , vehicle’s interior door, etc.)
  • Toilet cabins for standard carriages and primer class, interior of the conductor cabin as well as the segments of the carriages, decorative parts, control panels of the locomotives, etc.)
  • Parts of the vehicles bodies and chassis – mechanical parts, bumpers ‘CRASH’, wheel housings, etc.)

Concerning the parts mentioned above what matter are the esthetics, the appearance and special characteristics (corrosion resistance and atmospheric conditions , higher resistance to reflection and scratching, anti-graffiti characteristics or increased pot life).

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