We paint parts and vehicles intended for motor industry. To sum up, we paint cars, trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles and cycles as well as their parts. Company’s equipment and possibilities let us prepare and paint vehicles but mainly all parts of the vehicles.

These can be:

  • Exterior large scale parts ( roofs, segments, doors, panels, exterior modules, etc.)
  • Interior decorative parts- wall panels, ceiling parts, vehicles’ interior doors
  • Toilets for coaches- parts in drivers’ cabins as well as the parts in carriages, decorative parts and drivers’ panels, etc.
  • Parts of the vehicles bodies and chassis – mechanical parts, wheel tims, wheel housings, doors, bonnets, etc.)

Concerning the parts mentioned above , what matter are the esthetics, the appearance and special characteristics (corrosion resistance and atmospheric conditions , higher resistance to reflection and scratching, anti-graffiti)


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