Sierakowski Czesław Lakiernictwo is a family company with tradition in wet painting industry, founded in 1965 by Czesław and Marianna Sierakowski. From the very beginning of the company’s activity the owners have focused on renovation and restoration of vehicles. At first it was the processing of car body and manual painting of cars, delivery vehicles or even buses, which was done in leased places (rooms).

The attachment to honesty, quality and solid work made the clients satisfied and content so the news about a good paint shop was quickly spread in the surrounding region. In the 70s and 80s the company was still developing in terms of technology and painting innovations. In 90s new technologies and solutions were reaching Polish market. The company got stronger and began the cooperation with new suppliers of painting technologies, which resulted in the technological development and the implementation of new solutions.

Nowadays Sierakowski Czesław Lakiernictwo Company employs over 20 workers. Additionally, the factory pays a lot of attention to qualifying, training and teaching the painters-to-be. In September 26th, 2001 Mr. Sierakowski was awarded with The Medal of Ministry of National Education for special services in terms of the education and training of the young painters who learn the profession.

Mr Sierakowski’s smile and respect for other people and Mrs Sierakowska’s strong will and empathy have helped them overcome even the hardest situations. Until today the family company has been attached to values and rules that help them get through different situations.

The summary  

1965 - start-up company Sierakowski Czesław LAKIERNICTWO

1970 - rent of halls and rooms, where it is repair and painting take place

1978 - investment in a building plot; construction of the production building with sanitary facilities

1985 - innovation and further technological development, collaboration with new customers

1987 - the use of a new method of painting using our advanced types of acrylic paints and metallic

2010 - victory in the competition which was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (new innovative machines and equipment for painting, two additional spray booths, two ventilated place preparatory, compressor, etc.)

2011 - company was awarded in the 18th edition of the National Competition Regional "Employer - organizer of safe work" in the category for companies employing less than 50 people - organized by the National Labour Inspectorate

2013 – strengthening of cooperation with customers, optimizing internal processes, internal organization and competence of staff (training, process mapping, etc.)

2014- further development ( blasting technology, warehouses, investment in a new top performance sprayer, etc.)

2015- collaboration with new customers and exploration of new markets

2016- awards for the company: Entrepreneurship Laurel 2016- given by the mayor of Rawicz; Jan Kiliński Platinum Medal- given by Polish Craft Association for the appreciation of the service.



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