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We have three painting cabins with internal dimensions:

  • 8,0 m x 4,0 m x 3,2 m
  • 8,0 m x 4,0 m x 3,2 m
  • 7,0 m x 4,0 m x 2,5 m

The construction of two cabins mentioned above (positioned one by one) can be opened, which results in having one cabin with internal dimensions: 15 m x 4,0 m x 3,2 m. The cabins are modern devices. They meet the requirements of most painting processes (water-based painting)

In addition, we have a fully equipped station for the preparation, of the following dimensions:

  • 6,0 m x 4,0 m x 2,75 m
  • 6,0 m x 5,0 m x 2,75 m

Our company has available modern ventilation systems:

  • Pocket filters
  • Centrifugal fan with double air intake
  • Three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Upper and Lower air duct
  • modern oil burner with steal heat exchanger

We also have a fully equipped ( ventilation, equipment, etc.) position for pretreatment processes, of the following dimensions:

  • 6,0m x 4,0m x2,75 m
  • 6,0m x 4,0m x 2,75 m

We have warehouses for painting materials as well as for the details and painted parts-

  • Supervised rooms for painting materials
  • An outdoor storage of the parts including large scale parts (about 450 m2)
  • production floors with painting cabins
  • a sand-blasting room
  • halls with places for the pretreatment processes
  • a stall for the paints preparation

We have specially prepared warehouses for the storage of painting materials to keep them in appropriate conditions. We constantly monitor the storage conditions (temperature, humidity) and supervise the product identification (FIFO, expiration date, etc.). We have special equipment and devices used to clean it. We have facilities for recycling chemicals (e.g. a machine for distilling)


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