Lakiernictwo Company pays particular attention to professional cooperation with the customers in the area of provided services. We constantly try to build the clients’ trust and satisfaction with high quality services and under favorable conditions. We meet Polish and international clients’ expectations. We take care about business partnership, which is based on good and generous relations.

Quality - focused actions are related to the following strategic goals:

1.Building the awareness of the personnel in the area of our clients’ requirements and expectations as well as the importance of the workers in the process of meeting our clients’ requirements.

2. Constant improvement in the effectiveness of the quality management.

3. Cooperation with knowledgeable suppliers of materials and technologies as well as the experts who offer high quality services.

4. Organizing a wide range of schoolings and training courses.

Quality matters

Quality Management System of Sierakowski Czesław LAKIERNICTWO Company provides appropriate business processes implementation, which influences the quality of the services.

The effectiveness of the system guarantees full adjustment to a constantly changing market and technological conditions, and to the requirements of all our clients, both domestic and international.

Quality Control System:

Our company pays particular attention to the professional cooperation with the customers in provided services.

We take care about business partnership, which is based on good and friendly relations.

We implement quality control at every stage of the process - from the delivery to the acceptance by the customer.

While controlling the properties and parameters of coating layer we offer the following methods of control:

  • measurement of the degree of gloss paint for an angle of 20 ᵒ and 60 ᵒ (PN-EN ISO 2813)
  • control paint adhesion (cross-cut method PN-EN ISO 2409)
  • measuring the thickness of layers of paint application (PN-EN ISO 2360)
  • control of process parameters (temperature, humidity, storage conditions, dew point, in the process of identification, etc)
  • measuring the roughness degree ( measuring range- Ra 0,025-16,0; Rz 0,02- 160)

If the customer requires, it is possible to introduce other methods of control.

Picture 1 + 2 The control of the layer thickness checked with the use of a special measuring tool. Thickness control. Coating layer parameters. Specialist equipment. The control of the parameters pointed by the client such as: measurement of the degree of gloss paint with the glossmeter. Specialist methods of control, supervised equipment for measurement and control, glossmeter, Gloss control The control of the paint adhesion with the cross-cut method- Peters Knife. The control of the paint adhesion. Cross-cut method, Peters Knife

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