Sierakowski Czesław Lakiernictwo is a family company with tradition in wet painting industry, founded in 1965 by Czesław and Marianna Sierakowski.

The company specializes in industrial coating in the area of various branches such as railway or automotive. Nowadays Sierakowski Czesław Lakiernictwo Company employs over 20 workers. Additionally, the factory pays a lot of attention to qualifying, professional training and teaching of the learners.

The services cover comprehensive painting of the details, parts, subassemblies or devices for different use. The company has qualified workers, high quality of the infrastructure and the equipment (professional booths, devices for high efficiency and specialist spray application, an air-blasting room, etc.)

As far as the clients’ needs are concerned various types of painting processes may be applied (single-layer application or more complicated technologies)

When it comes to technology, Sierakowski Czesław Company pays attention to quality and meeting the clients’ needs. Quality Management System guarantees a proper implementation of business processes which influence the quality of the services.

The efficient management system make it possible to adjust to constant changes in the market and technology as well as to the requirements of national and international clients.

At the same time the company, which is continually being developed, is open to cooperate with new workers- for those passionate and willing to reach new qualifications and skills we offer job positions (engineers, quality controllers, qualified painters or learners).

Many years of experience and tradition is the team’s contribution.



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